Why I Read (and Write) Short Reads

Why I Read (and Write) Short Reads

As a manager in the IT industry, I’m continuously aware that time is a precious gift and I must manage it well. I must find the right balance between my life, work, personal and professional development.  
When my daughter was born, I decided to change my daily routine to enable me be a part of her childhood as much as possible while watching her grow up.

Okay, sounds good but how?

As a baby step, I decided to spend no more than an hour a day to improve my soft skills.

I like quick results and fast turnarounds while learning, so I love short but engaging yet effective management books. I can finish such books in 2-3 days, getting into a conclusion without keeping them on my bookshelf as half-read books with a lion cub bookmark in the middle. I also love the feel of accomplishment when I read the last words of a book. Don’t get me wrong, time by time, I feel the inner need to read a lengthy book but that’s just too rare.

I believe that short-reads provide the right balance to support my professional and personal development but in the meantime, gives me enough time to focus on other important parts of my life.

That’s why I read and write short reads. Give it a try.

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